Case Study_ Porche 911 DEBUTS WITH THE NEW PORSCHE 911 GT3 TOURING A CONFIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL DIRECTED, CAPTURED AND EDITED REMOTELY FILMING FROM 5KM AWAY debuts its full-circle live streaming solution in a first look at the new Porsche 911 GT3 Touring. The automotive pioneer relied on confidential live monitoring to create the new Porsche’s TV commercial from… Case Study_ Porche 911 weiterlesen

Case Study_ Audi

AUDI UNVEILS EVS ON A TIGHT TURNAROUND WITH A FLEXIBLE WORKFLOW SOLUTION THAT ENABLES SAFE, REMOTE COLLABORATION REMOTE SESSIONS MADE SIMPLER empowered Audi and the creatives exhibiting its new skysphere concept at the 2021 IAA motor show to collaborate, share and provide feedback seamlessly online. Audi’s agency, WeAreSocial, faced strict deadlines and entirely remote… Case Study_ Audi weiterlesen

Case Study_ Mercedes EQS World Premiere

THE CONCEPT MERCEDES-MAYBACH EQS ENSURES FIDELITY FOR CREATIVE DIGITAL MATERIAL ACROSS DEVICES RETHINKING AGENCY COLLABORATION Mercedes’ Maybach exhibition at the 2021 IAA mobility motor show called for a powerful presentation and antoni, its creative agency, was poised to answer. The only problem was data security. The pressing data security challenge presented by the agency’s… Case Study_ Mercedes EQS World Premiere weiterlesen

Case Study_ Mercedes Ambition 2039

MERCEDES UNPACKS STRATEGY UPDATE: ELECTRIC DRIVE USING A BRAVE PROJECT PRESENTATION THAT HINGES SEAMLESS COLLABORATION A DIVERSE SET OF TALENT, OPERATING DIGITALLY To help create the digital material the automotive pioneer needed to unveil a new, green initiative, a diverse set of talent would have to be sought out. The only problem? Onboarding remote… Case Study_ Mercedes Ambition 2039 weiterlesen