With its Ambition 2039 initiative, Mercedes aims to move their product line from electric-first to all-electric by the end of the decade and to be a totally CO2-neutral manufaturer by 2039.

For the pre-eminent luxury car manufacturer, unveiling their strategy update for this brave new world demanded an equally brave creative overhaul of the digital material it all came down to.

With external VFX talent contributing to the project, the question of data leaks quickly became a primary concern for Mercedes.

To generate a wealth of creative material that’ll powerfully package the Ambition 2039 initiative, VFX artists needed a safe and secure onboarding protocol.

To help mitigate the risk of data leaks and breaches of contract during this crucial project phase, a seamless NDA management solution would have to answer the challenge with efficacy.

The option of internal and external collaborators being able to meet, share and receive feedback and manage non-disclosure agreements was achieved in one single digital space:

With’s live streaming functionality, VFX artists were onboarded and briefed into the project with ease. Our live streaming platform’s NDA management feature made for seamless contract agreements where freelancers were able to sign a non-disclosure digitally before becoming privy to Ambition 2039’s sensitive material.

External stakeholders were able to share material in a digital setting streamed live, perfectly geared to showcasing high definition digital material. On the other hand, live feedback from the client enabled VFX artists to grasp and execute new inputs effectively.

When the time came for work to be showcased, internal and external roleplayers could meet and share work via meet, offering a standardised approval setting across the board.

Commissioning work from external VFX artists presented a need for travel before Now, easily, safely and effectively collaborating, sharing and project briefing can seamlessly migrate to a digital space that foregrounds safety, accessibility and utility.

With such an effective digital solution in place, the absolute need for renders that presented a daring data safety challenge before could be overturned completely. With, a single, secure source of truth collaborated on simultaneously allows for confidential material to stay that way.



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