Real-time online reference monitor
Designed for editing, color grading and VFX sessions. Enables a latency-free online reference monitor accessible globally.
No credit card required !

Collaborate from anywhere provides a secure method for streaming high-quality digital sessions, such as color-grading, editing and VFX. It operates like an offline reference monitor, but online, with zero latency. This flexible and transparent streaming solution allows you to safely monitor your work. Access to the streams is secured through password-protected or confidential accesses. We also utilize compliant compute engines in Frankfurt, Germany, to adhere to the VDA industry-specific security compliance. All our plans can be upgraded to use TISAX certified compute engines.

Project Management
Color tag, archive, set security preferences and download traffic reports for projects.
Ingest Location
Servers located in Germany, Frankfurt & Berlin. TISAX ready. On-premises solutions available.
DTLS encrypted streaming. SSL/TLS (1.2), Cipher suites for signaling, P2P, DSGVO. ASN Block.
Prevent Rendering
Avoid data leaks because of unnecessary file renderings.
Reduce Travel Costs
Attend online to workshops, briefings, onboardings. Access to global clients and artists.
Reduce CO2 Emissions
Pull ahead in the race of becoming carbon neutral.
Protect your team by remote collaboration.
Knowledge Transfer
Transfer confidential knowledge globally between teams

Reduce costs

Up to 30% of production budgets are spent on travel. But, digitizing post-production can do more than help deflate your spend. offers a seamless streaming solution that delivers high quality material in real time, helping you reign in your project’s carbon cost and saving your team time, too.

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Free plan

Test your Workflow
* = After streaming for 15 minutes, our system automatically blocks your stream to conserve resources. It's important to note that you'll need to manually unblock the stream when you're ready to continue.

For Testing & Workflow Setup


No credit card required !

pay as you go

0.20€ per Ingest Minute *
+ 1.99€ per Month
* = When we talk about ingest minutes, we're only considering the time publishing (e.g. via OBS). Viewers who participate in a stream don't factor into this calculation. So, if someone were to stream for roughly 8 hours, the cost would be around 96€, not including VAT.

Best for approvals | Budget-conscious


   Servers can be upgraded to TISAX CE. 


79€ per Month

Freelancers | Small Businesses | Postproductions


   Servers can be upgraded to TISAX CE. 


199€ per Month

Postproductions | Agencies | Corporates


   Servers can be upgraded to TISAX CE. 

Custom Configuration

Individual Use Cases | Enterprises 


   Servers can be upgraded to TISAX CE. 

We are happy to assist you with your self-onboarding process. If you need further support setting up your workflow or with your IT, feel free to send us a booking request.

Compatibility works well with all mobile devices and desktop computers. It’s compatible with native browsers like Safari and Chrome. So, whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can easily access our web viewer through these tools.



In March 2020, creative companies overhauled digital security to enable a global work-from-home culture. The result?  A convoluted customer feedback loop relying on technology  that simply wasn’t ready. So, we built our own.’s confidential live monitoring platform makes customer  feedback and approval rounds more effective. It combines a range of modern streaming technologies with server locations in Germany to ensure your data never leaves its borders. Corporate, creative or  contracted, is the safest way to share your work.

In March 2020, creative companies overhauled digital security to enable a global work-from-home culture. The result? A convoluted customer feedback loop relying on technology that simply wasn’t ready. So, we built our own, powered by DIFFERENCE CC GmbH, a tailor-made driven postproduction boutique based in Berlin, Germany’s real-time online reference monitor enhances the efficiency of customer feedback and approval processes. It integrates a variety of contemporary streaming technologies with server locations based in Germany.